Thursday, April 11, 2013

French & Indian War

Some of the guys from the club put together a French & Indian War game together using the Tomahawk and Muskets rules. This is a game and period I had never played but was interested in giving a go. The rules are simple and easy to pick up and actions are card driven. As a rule I generally avoid card driven games but found it worked quite well. Not saying I'm going to switch over for all my games but will likely be getting a copy of the rules for myself (will do a proper rules review then).
The game we played involved a force of French and Canadians supported by a large host of allied Indians descending on a British village and farmstead with the intention of killing the inhabitants and putting it to the torch. The village was defended by British Regulars, Providentials, Militate, and a few allied Indians.
The French did manage to set light to the farmstead and nearly took the village but where turned and destroyed by some brave soldiers and well timed reinforcements.

Here are some photos from the game. Sorry for the quality, working on getting my camera fixed so I can stop using my cell phone.

British move into defensive position around the Village.

 The Regulars exchange fire and casualties.

Canadians sneak through the forested hills, closing on the farmstead.
French allied Indians approach the farm house with torches lit.
British overlook the farmstead.
Allied Indians from both sides exchange fire.
British rush to save the farm.
Fierce fighting irrupts in the valley.

The defenders are almost beaten.
Providentials come to the rescue.

Figures and Scenery where brought by Gary, Gareth, Bill, and Dave who all did a fantastic job of painting their figures.

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Gary Phillips said...

Nice write-up and pictures Rob. Looks like we'll need to elect you as official game chronicler!