Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Battle of Garry's Tavern

Been a while since I played anything and even longer since I have posted. On thanksgiving day some of the lads met up at Garry's for a 7 Years War battle using his figures and terrain. Gareth and I commanded the British/Prussian devisions while Bill, Dave, and our host Garry commanded the French/Austrian devisions.

The battle was set up so that a large but poor quality French force (right side) met the smaller and more skilled British force (left side) along a road. A small tavern sat along the center of the road.

The Prussian cavalry and British devision I commanded in the foreground.

The French and Austrian devision across from me.

 Austrian Cavalry

Beautiful battle line 

French infantry

Prussian cavalry ready to charge

Scottish Higlanders

The cavalry square off atop the hill.
Battle line advancing in good order.

Cavalry cross sabers and destroy each other.

 French lines advance.

Black Watch in the woods holding back numbers 3 times their size.

Infantry square off and exchange volley fire.

The French realize that they will loose if they stand and take the British volley fire so charge in to overwhelm them with their numbers.

Black Watch slowly pulling back but holding their own.

Our right flank open and exposed

The notorious tavern