Sunday, July 7, 2013


So after the first game only took 2 hours to play we diced to play a second. I took what I learned from the first game and adapted a new strategy.
The unit was the same for both sides as in game 1 with the exception of the Normans merging all their Foot Knights into 1 unit of 12.

 Saxons start out a bit more spread out this time and went with a general advance.
 This time I put a unit of Foot Sergeants on the left flank with a unit of  Mounted Sergeants.
 On my right flank I put my Archers in front of my Mounted Knights, holding them back to use with the Norman Gallop ability.
 The Saxon archer advance into the field.
 On my right a unit of Saxon Ealdormen, Thegns, and spear armed Ceorls advance.
 On my left 2 units of Saxon Thegns advance.
 The Saxon archer, Warlord, and his Ealdormen advance down the center.

 I pushed my mounted Sergeants along the far left.
 I swing my archers around to fire at the advancing Saxons but a mistake in my planning meant I was out of range. Waist dice.
 Mounted Sergeants ready to charge.
 In the center I had moved my foot Sergeants into cover along the wall, though they had already started taking casualties from the Saxon archers.
 Also moved my unit of Foot Knights up the center.
 The Saxons threw themselves against my Sergeants but where beaten back.
 My mounted Knights charged into the Saxons on the hill and nearly whipped them out.

 Another charge in the center forced my Sergeants to fall back.
 A failed counter charge from a Saxon unit left my with only 2 mounted Knights.

 The Saxon Warlord and Ealdormen moved into the center of the farm so I charged them with my unit of 12 foot Knights. The Ealdormen fell to my spears and swords and a second charge cut down the Saxon Warlord.

The Normans played much better this game. Once I had a better feeling for their abilities I was able to get some powerful combos in that devastated the enemy.


Sorry everyone for the break in posting. A trip to the US to visit family for the first time in two years, then one to Wales for camping and hiking, plus a mad dash to finish painting units for this months club meet have kept me busy. On that note I did get to play three games of SAGA at our monthly meet today and will post each game separately.
All three games where fought between Anglo-Saxons (Painted and played by Gareth) and my Normans. We broke from the standard setup a bit in using 8pt armies as we wanted to use most of what we had.

Game 1: Clash Of Warlords

Anglo-Saxon composition:
Ealdormen (Heathguards) 1 unit of 8 [2 of 4 = 2pts]
Thegns (Warriors) 2 units of 11, 1 of 10 [4 of 8 = 4pts]
Ceorls (Levies) 2 units of 12. 1 with bows, 1 with spears and shields [2 pts]

Norman composition:
Warlord, mounted
Knights (Heathguards) 2 units of 8, 1 mounted. 1 unit of 4 [5 of 4 = 5pts]
Sergeants (Warriors) 2 units of 8, 1 mounted [2pts]
Peasants (Levies) 1 unit of 12 with bows [1pt]

Set up:
 Battle takes place over a small farm and cross roads.
 Saxon right flank (my left)

 Saxon left flank (my right)
Saxon Warlord
 Norman left, mounted Sergeants and Foot Knights
 Norman middle: Peasant archers, mounted Knights
The Norman Right Flank consisted of a unit of Foot Knights and unit of Foot Sergeants. A tactical error on my part as it boxed my mounted Knights in and drove them into the farm.
 I started by moving my left flank forward to the road and woods.
 Next I moved the middle up with the Peasants heading for the wall.
 Right flank moving up.
 Saxons responded with a general advance as well.

 Once in cover of the wall my archers opened up, to little effect. 
 Saxons then moved into cover on the other end of the farm.
 Normans moving through the woods on the left.
 Ineffective archer fire.
 Slowly pushed my right flank up.
 My mounted Sergeants charged a unit of Thegns on the left and a draw of 5 casualties each meant I had to disengage. 
 The Saxon archers where picking off my foot Knights.
 The bloodied unit of Thegns slid to the side and a fresh unit smashed into my Sergeants killing them to a man.
 Saxon archers continue to pick off foot Knights.

 Tired of being picked off I charge my Foot Knights into the Saxon archers killing 3 and forcing them to disengage.
 casualties stacking on each side.

 A failed charge by my Warlord and mounted Knights against the Saxon Warlord and his personal unit of Ealdormen left my Warlord exposed and alone.

Not missing the opportunity the Saxon Warlord and Ealdormen charge my Warlord and cut him down, winning the game.

The game was great fun and both players first time playing. With set up it took us about 2 hours to play which was really fast.

The Normans can be strong when you get the right SAGA dice combos and the Attack Dice will stack up. However the Normans have no defensive abilities to help with there survival. Normally they would be able to kill enough of their opponent for it to not be a factor but not against the Anglo-Saxons.

The Anglo-Saxons get loads of benefits for units of 10+ figures, most of which increase their Defense Dice. The combination of large units and added Defense Dice give them a high level survivability with good lethality.

I really needed to change my strategy for the next game.