Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Frostgrave Additions

Finished a few more models for Frostgrave.

First up are some more warband members:
From left to right we have another thug, man-at-arms, and treasure hunter.

Next are the first batch of treasure markers:

And last i finished a few more monsters. A major demon, two imps, and a wild dog.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


So I have gotten into Frostgrave (by Ospray) now and started on a bunch of Reaper Bones and Dark Haven minis.

First are a Thug and Crossbowman

Next is a Treasure Hunter

An a Man-at-Arms

My first finished monster is a Werewolf

I have decided to go with some Privateer Press figures from Warmachines and Hords to use as my constructs.

Next couple of heros to get finished will be another Thug, Treasure Hunter, and Man-at-Arms fallowed by a Major Demon, Wolf, and some Skeletons.


Took a long brake to work on a costume for DragonCon in Atlanta GA a few weekends back.
My main costume was an Oger Titan from the video game Titan Fall:
 Took me about 2 months to make and 2-3 people assisting me to get in and out of it.

 My wife went as Russel from the movie UP and as Mulan from the Disney movie:

She also made me another costume and I went as Tim the Enchanter from Mighty Python and the Holy Grail:
Any way I'm back to minis now and the next post will be Frostgrave.