Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More Frostgrave Monsters

Also just finished a load of monsters for Frostgrave.



Unarmored Skeletons



Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice

So here are my Wizard and Apprentice for Frostgrave. They are converted from Warmachines Menoth figures and I'm playing them as Siglists.

As a back story they are from the great Library of Wyndehurst which seeks to amass the greatest collection of magical knowledge in the world. As soon as word reached the Library that Falsted had been rediscovered an expedition was launched. Leading the Expedition is a Librarian (wizard) and his Scribe (apprentice).

Have not come up with names for any of them yet but will do so later when I get closer to my first game.



Hope they are a good team

Also I added a faithful companion War Hound