Monday, May 16, 2016

Rest of the Germans

Also finished up the rest of my WWI German infantry:
Some snipers that I will use as both German and Russian

NCOs and Officers

Rest of the trench coats

All the new ones:
I'll get some photos of all my WWI models here soon.

Ice Age

So I am working on some Ice Age period rules where you command a small tribe as they try to survive and grow. To that end I have painted up a few models for play testing.

First off I took some Foundry German Savages and gave them stone age weapons to be a tribe of Homosapien.

Next I got some Neanderthals from Pulp Figures for another tribe.

Finally a Saber-tooth Tiger that I will also use as a snow Leopard in Frostgrave.

the group so far: