Friday, September 30, 2016

More Frostgrave

Finished a whole bunch of Frostgrave minis.

Here are three new constructs, a large, medium, and small

6 new armored skeletons


Giant Spiders

Frost Wraith

Small or medium demon, depending if I use the new big one I got

And a wild dog.

Here is the lot of them

New treasure markers

 My wife said she wanted to learn to play so I had her build a warband then pick out models she liked for each soldier, wizard, and apprentice. She then picked a paint scheme and I went to town. She was very happy with the end product.

Here are the wizard and apprentice both elementalists. Wizards name is Ezra and apprentice is Ommaya

 Her Captain, yet to be named.

Archers. The canine is based of our dog and the cat is based off of Panther Lilly from the anime Fairy Tail.

And two infantrymen

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Frostgrave Terrain

I recently finished up some terrain for Frostgrave and hope to get my first game underway very soon.
The buildings where made using molds from Hirst Arts and cast with Dental Stone. I can't recommend the molds enough as the detail is beautiful and its like building with legos. My only limitation with them so far is my imagination but thankfully Mr Hirst has some amazing examples on his website that really get the brain juices flowing.

 This first picture is of all but 1 of the Hirst Arts molds I currently have and I used all of them to make the following buildings.

Here is all my terrain so far. My first few ruins and lots of scatter terrain to really give it a clogged feeling

The next three are a raised platform and statue. The Statue is a resin Mother Marry that I painted to look like warn marble. The platform can go anywhere and will also be used in the temp I'm working on. The Temple of the Weeping Mother

 This was the first building I made using the molds. Its mounted on thin card stock and the second floor is made from hobby sticks.

I wanted to get multiple use out of my next building so I made it splitable. When the two halves are together its just a one story building with no roof. Or I can slide them apart and have to separate ruin half houses.

I put accent pices around the outside to make it a bit more fancy.

One half has a removable door while the other half is left to look old and broken.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ukraine Conflict AAR

Got a copy of a Modern expansion for Bolt Action to try out instead of Force on Force. Played a game with a buddy to test it then a solo game (which I took pictures of) to further test them.

The Separatist had 3 Russian BTR-80s given to them by their "sponsors" and 4 units of 5 fighters, equiped with an RPG, LMG, and 3 Assault rifles.
When activated they would move onto the table from the North East with the goal of capturing the town.

The Government Force had 1 BTR-90 with 1 unit of 4 soldiers, equipped with 1 LMG and 3 Assault rifles, in reserve to come on in turn 4. They also had 6 units of 4 soldiers deployed in the town. 3 units had 1 RPG, 1 LMG, and 2 Assault rifles each while the other 3 only had 1 LMG and 4 Assault rifles each.

Here is the table set up, minus the civilian cars I had forgotten.
The Government forces started dug in along the road, bottom left, defending the town from a Separatist assault. Thing of the little road as running E-W and the big road N-S.

This road represented the edge of town. 
 Government Forces dug in.

The road leading to separatist held territory.

This game also was the first actual outing of a bunch of my finished modern terrain.

Farm land on the edge of town. Fields reduced movement to Advance moves only. Hedges could be crossed my infantry but not wheeled vehicles.

Just another areal shot.

With civ cars added

In the first turn the Separatist forces entered the area. BTR-80s lead the assault while infantry followed using them for cover.

In response to sighting enemy forces the forward Gov Soldiers hunkered down in Ambush while the rear soldiers moved up to offer better fire support.

In the second turn the first BTR to close in range was ambushed with an RPG. However the round glanced off the vehicles armor causing no damage.

Having been undamaged by the ambush, the BTR returned fire with its co-axel MMG. The rounds where absorbed by the fortifications and no one was hit.

When the 2nd BTR on the West side advanced it was also ambushed with an RPG but the shot missed.

It too returned fire on the entrenched Gov soldiers.

It did not miss and killed one of the soldiers in the Western Fox Hole

The rear Gov force continued to advance to support there comrades, but without an RPG they where unable to engage either of the BTRs.

The other rear unit advanced to the blue house hoping to get a good line of fire with some cover.

The 3rd BTR on the East side advanced along side of the farm house to conceal its movements.
 More turn 2 shots. separatist infantry try to keep pace with the BTRs
 more turn 2

In turn 3 the central BTR was able to open up and eliminate on of the Gov soldiers dug in in the center Fox Hole.

Spotting the Separatist fighters trailing the center BTR, one Gov unit opens up.

Their accurate fire wipes out the Separatist unit.

The Eastern BTR advances and opens up on the center Fox Hole with its MMG.

The hail of bullets claims another Gov Soldier.

With just 2 men left the center Gov soldier with an LMG opens up on a unit of Separatist fighters who had run to catch up to the Western BTR. Some how he is able to hit one, avenging his fallen comrades.

The other surviving member fires his RPG at the central BTR. A lucky shot disables the vehicle and in catches fire. The crew have had enough and bail.

The Gov unit advances into the blue house giving them a good angle on the Separatist unit on the West side.

Their fire is able to bring down another man.

Overview at this point. End of turn 3
  Separatist on the Western side

Gov Soldiers on Western side

The highly contested center

Eastern side.

In turn 4 the Western side Gov unit fires an RPG at the BTR directly in front of them, but it's armor turn the round.

The Separatist unit behind it tries to advance but are overcome with fear and go to ground instead.

The surviving center BTR opens up and finishes the Gov forces holding the center Fox Hole.

In retaliation, the Gov unit in the blue house fires across the open and takes out another Separatist fighter.

One of the Separatist units advances into the farm house where they have better cover. Unfortunately the destroyed BTR is partial restricting their field of fire.

Finally a Gov BTR-90 arrives as a enforcement, it also has an extra unit on board.

The BTR-90 fires its Anit Tank Missile at the central BTR and utterly destroys it.

It then pours auto-cannon fire into the farm house and takes out another Separatist fighter.

In turn 5 the BTR-90 advances again an fires it's auto-cannon at the remaining BTR-80. The rounds do supercritical damage but the crew it to shaken to respond.

A unit of Separatist fighters advances boldly into the open an opens fire.

Their RPG round strikes the BTR-90 shaking the crew while their small arms fire takes out a Gov soldier in the blue house.

 The unit in the BTR-90 disembark and 

advance into a firing position to cover their stricken vehicle.

They pour fire into the bold Separatist unit in the open and meretriciously only hit one.

However, return fire from the blue house claims another.

With the arrival of reinforcements, one of the Gov units falls back to provide fire from a more secure position.

Their fire also claims one more fighter from the bold Separatist unit.

With all there vehicles destroyed or temporarily incapacitated and most of their fighters dead or wounded, the Separatist unit decides to call off the assault and withdraw. The Gov force, though bloodied, where able to hold on to the village, preventing the Separatist spread.