Monday, February 23, 2015

Eastern European Houses

Eastern European Houses

Starting a  Ukrainian conflict project in 20mm. Figures are on order and while I wait for them to arrive I have started on terrain. Here are the first two houses:

Sunday, February 8, 2015

SAGA game 2 of 2

For our second game I took command of the Normans and Willett took command of the Anglo-Saxons.

I deployed the knights into a single unit of 8 which meant they where delivering 16 attack dice before abilities. It was my hope that this would help negate the Saxon's defensive abilities.
The Saxons where all deployed on one side of the river so I put my Knights and Warlord on the same side. I kept my Peasants on the opposite side with Sergeants in support and the river as a natural barrier. 
 For the Normans first 2 turns they advanced along either side of the River. The Saxons moved up along the left on the other side of the buildings, using them to block line of sight from my bow armed Peasants. 

 Once the Saxons where close enough I launched my large group of Knights at the Thegns. However one 1 casualty was taken on each side so the Knights fell back.
 I positioned the Peasants to cover the ford and the path between the huts.
 The Thegns moved to either side of the path, keeping the huts between them and archers. Again the Knights charged in and did a bit better with a 2-1 casualties, forcing the Thegns back.

 The Thegns charged in and killed 2 knights but lost 3 themselves so had to pull back
 Wanting to show his men how it was done the Saxon Warlord charged the 3 remaining knights who had 2 fatigue on them already. Amazingly he took no hits and slue 2 of the Knights forcing the remaining one back.
 The last knight was enraged from the loss of his brothers and charged back at the Saxon Warlord. With the combination of abilities and lucky (and unlucky) dice rolls was able to slay the enemy Warlord. 

SAGA game 1 of 2

So as promised here are some photos of the two SAGA games I played. These are the first full table top games I have gotten to play since returning to the US. All the miniatures and terrain are mine. A co-worker of mine, Airmen Willett, who use to play Warhammer Fantasy was my opponent and he really enjoyed how simple and fast the game played compared to  Warhammer.

Game 1 I played as the Anglo-Saxons and Willet took the Normans.

Norman 4pts:
2 units of Knights
1 unit of Sergeants
1 unit of Peasants

Anglo-Saxon 4pts:
3 units of Thegns
1 unit of Ceorls
Here is the table layout before deployment. 
The Fields, Swamp and Ford where all difficult terrain. 

Normans deployed with both unit of knights on the left flank and sergeants in reserve behind the peasants.
 Anglo-Saxons combined the 3 units of Thegns to create 2 12 man units. 1 unit went on the right flank and 1 center while the ceorls took the left.
 Saxons advanced
 Norman knights moved up the flank

 The Thegns on the right maid for the ford as there where no hostile units on their side of the river.
 Ceorls move to deter the Knights
 We made a mistake at this point. The Norman Peasant archers fired on the Thegns in the center and nearly whipped them out. This happened because I forgot that levies roll 1 attack dice for shooting of every 2 models in the unit. Instead he rolled 1 for 1. That mistake combined with the Norman ability "Aimed Volley" meant the Thegns where done for, even though they used "Overlap Shields!". The game would have gone very different after this point had we done this right.
 Knights moved further around, drawing the brave Ceorls away from the rest of their Warband.

 Thegns make the ford and start the slow cross.

 The knights seemed to be fleeing so the Ceorls maid for the Norman line, but in truth they had set a trap for the poor Ceorls.

 When the trap was sprung the Knights charged the Ceorls from behind. Being far Superior troops the Ceorls took several casualties and was forced back. This put them in the path of the second unit of Knights who in turn charged the already weekend Ceorls.
The Ceorls few survivors where isolated and nearly wiped out.
 In respanse the Thegns, having crossed the river, charged the Norman Peasants and drove them back.

 Knight finished off the poor Ceorls.
 Sergeants tried to charge the Thegns, and while both took casualties the Thegns came out on top and the Sergeants had to pull back.
 The Norman Warlord charged the Thegns killing 2 so they fled to the side of their Warlord.
 Unfortunately the Knights came back around and road down the Saxon Warlord.
Game would have been very different if we had gotten the shooting right the first time but it was still a good game. Another thing we messed up I forgot the Saxon Levi generate 1 attack dice per 2 models and have an armor of 4 not 3. Game two to fallow shortly.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

4pt Anglo Saxons Warband for SAGA

I have just finished 4pts of Anglo Saxons to go up against my Normans for SAGA.

Here is my War Lord

3 units of Warriors

And 1 unit of Levies

My plan is to combine the Warriors in to two units of 12 as that would maximize their ability.
Here is the whole Warband read for a fight.

More New Terrain

So I know my post recently have been few and far between but I have been working hard on some new models and terrain. I just finished a bunch so I thought I'd share them with you.

Here are two Dark Age houses with thatched roofs (made from towels)
 This is the second one, first one I showed you all in an earlier post.

I made my first trees and made 12 of them. I got tree cake toppers and just covered the tops in flock and then based them and wallah! good looking trees. 

Also made a river that I am very proud of.

Oh and here are some sheep.

Table set up for a game of SAGA, look for a post on that soon.