Sunday, February 8, 2015

SAGA game 2 of 2

For our second game I took command of the Normans and Willett took command of the Anglo-Saxons.

I deployed the knights into a single unit of 8 which meant they where delivering 16 attack dice before abilities. It was my hope that this would help negate the Saxon's defensive abilities.
The Saxons where all deployed on one side of the river so I put my Knights and Warlord on the same side. I kept my Peasants on the opposite side with Sergeants in support and the river as a natural barrier. 
 For the Normans first 2 turns they advanced along either side of the River. The Saxons moved up along the left on the other side of the buildings, using them to block line of sight from my bow armed Peasants. 

 Once the Saxons where close enough I launched my large group of Knights at the Thegns. However one 1 casualty was taken on each side so the Knights fell back.
 I positioned the Peasants to cover the ford and the path between the huts.
 The Thegns moved to either side of the path, keeping the huts between them and archers. Again the Knights charged in and did a bit better with a 2-1 casualties, forcing the Thegns back.

 The Thegns charged in and killed 2 knights but lost 3 themselves so had to pull back
 Wanting to show his men how it was done the Saxon Warlord charged the 3 remaining knights who had 2 fatigue on them already. Amazingly he took no hits and slue 2 of the Knights forcing the remaining one back.
 The last knight was enraged from the loss of his brothers and charged back at the Saxon Warlord. With the combination of abilities and lucky (and unlucky) dice rolls was able to slay the enemy Warlord. 

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