Sunday, July 5, 2020

New Anglo-Saxon Additions

So in preparation for an upcoming deployment I had to go for some training. The training required me to quarantine for 2 weeks in the base hotel were the training is being held. I decided to put this time too good use and brought along the rest of my Anglo-Saxon miniatures to paint up, all 42 miniatures; 26 spearmen and 16 bowmen. This brings my Anglo-Saxon army up to 78 plus a General.

For SAGA this gives me 7 points to chose from. 3 units of 8 warriors (armored spearmen), 3 units of 12 Levy spearmen (un-armored), 1 unit of 12 Levy bowmen, and 1 Warlord.

The size of the force will also allow me to start trying so larger scale rules like Warhamer Historical, Hail Cesar, and Fields of Glory.

 Here are all the minis I painted during the 2 weeks. The unit in the upper left not included, they are some I had painted some time ago and decided to touch up a bit.

This unit of 12 is from Warlord Games plastic range of Dark Ages minis. Honestly they are some of the worst plastic minis I have encountered. The parts don't look quite right together, the sculpting is lower quality the Warlords WW2 plastics. I don't recommend getting them unless price is your only driving factor, they are cheap.

These are from Black Tree Design and over all I am very happy with them. My only complaint is the minis that are not sculpted with spears attached come with much thinner wire spears. This can give an odd look when they are side by side.

 The Bowmen are also from Black Tree and I love them. I added the arrows and bow strings. The arrows can be bought from Warlord Games. I used sewing thread for the bow strings which I do not really recommend as it is very fuzzy. a better alt would be fishing line.

Here are some close ups of the Black Tree minis with my favorite basing material from Huge Minis.

Finally I though I'd include a photo of the original 4 points of my SAGA Anglo-Saxon army

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Finished my 15mm Carthaginian spearmen. A mix of Essex & Magistar minis.

2 stands of Essex minis

3 stands of the Magister minis

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


So I am starting a project to write a set of solo/co-op rules inspired by the Netflix series Love, Death, and Robots, episode 4, Suits. The episode (spoilers) is about farmers, country to redneck, living on a hostile alien world who have to regularly defend their homestead from swarms of ravenous alien bugs. To do this they pilot mechs of different types along with a range of automated gun turrets and good old fashion pump shotguns. 
My intent is to make a set of miniature agnostic and scale agnostic rules so players can play with what ever they have or want to make and in their preferred scale. I plan on uploading the rules to for Pay What You Want when ever they get finished. 

My plan is to have 3 size categories of Suits; Small, Medium, and Large. There will also be 3 size categories of weapons; Light, Medium, and Heavy. In the Show all of them where armed with mini-guns which I'll consider Medium. The 3 Suits in the show also seemed to fit into the size categories with the main characters a Medium, the multi legged one a Large, and the other a Small. The Large Suite also had a large rocket launcher, which I will class as a heavy, in addition to two mini-guns. The Medium Suite had the two mini-guns and an internal arm mounted flame thrower and shotgun, both of which I'll class as light. The Small Suite had the standard two mini-guns and a single laser weapon, all three I'd class as Medium.
So the larger the Suite the heavier or larger variety of weapons you can carry. The trade-off being mobility. The larger the Suite the slower. I plan on the bugs being driven by hunger and focusing on the nearest or largest amount of food ie: livestock or farmsteads. This means they will often begin by totally ignoring the Suits, instead going for the surrounding livestock or trying to exit the opposite table edge on their way to the farms. This is where mobility and good positioning could start to play a factor. As the rounds progress the bugs will start to pay more attention to the Suits and swarm them. With no rear facing weapons the Suits are vulnerable to being flanked, again mobility and positioning being important.
So each player will have to deiced on how they want to load-out their Suite, fast a lightly armed? slow but with devastating fire? or somewhere in between? As this will be a solo or co-op game players might chose a build that compliments their team.

Well here are some photos of my first Suit. Using the legs from the Dust model I have 3d Printed the rest of the parts. Going to test some weathering techniques first before I start painting it. Got a load of Tyrnids in the mail for my small bugs (yes I'll have multiple sized ones). I have placed a 28mm Bolt Action mini for reference.  

Here are some pics from the show for reference.

This would be Medium Suite
 This would be a Small Suit
 Using light weapons
 making melee attacks

 Bugs ignoring the Suits at first
 A Large Suite
 A homestead, what your fighting to protect. 

Monday, May 4, 2020


I just finished my first 15mm miniatures for my Carthaginian army. I painted up all the mounted units first, excluding elephants, and then will be moving to Spearmen next. I have never painted 15mm before these and I was struggling with finding a balance with the level of detail to paint vs what will actually be seen. I am very happy with the end result and feel like I found that balance.

First was my mounted general stand.

Next a stand of Carthaginian cavalry.

Last is 4 stands of Numidian light horse. For DBA I only need 2 stands to cover all the options but had accidentally ordered double so just painted them all up.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Rough Ground

I once saw a forum post with pictures of several of these around a village as rough ground. I loved the idea and this is my first one with several more planned. 

All the Static Grass and plants are from Huge Miniatures which is my go to baseing material company.

28mm mini from Copplestone Casting for scale

28mm Weapon Team from Warlord Games for scale.

20mm mini from Elhim Miniatures for scale.

Homosapien Characters

I also finished up some Homosapien Characters from Copplestone Casting. These will give more options and flavor for the games I'll run. Most might not have too much to do in Paleo Diet but I have several ideas for Fist Fulls of Lead.

 Here is a group shot of the new characters.

 This older gent will make an excellent Shaman or Witch Doctor.

This ancient (45) man will serve as tribe Elder

I'm considering the use of a bow as brand new "advanced" tech and so making him a character.

Finally a champion with decorative beads and feathers. Could also be a chief or leader of the tribe.