Saturday, July 6, 2019


Finally finished the first 10 WW2 US Army Infantry from Warlord Games. I have another 15 that just need highlights and flocking. That leaves me about 50 more pluses support weapons. Not to mention my airborne and vehicles.

The hole group.

 5 with M1 Grands
 1 w/ shotgun, 1 w/Springfield
 Decided to add some folk bits to the helmets that had netting.
 1 w/ Thompson, 1 w/ greas gun.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Palisade Fort

I finally finished enough of my Palisade fort to get it on the table. Its not quite big enough to make a fort or moat and baily castle so i'm printing some more sections. It does make a great table edge piece when all stretched out. Perfect for a town walls where the defenders are sallying forth.

As for cost/time comparison. I estimate it cost about $40 worth of material, took 80+hrs to print, and about 3-4hrs of actual labor. While I could have done it all manually for a bit cheaper my current life situation would have meant the project would take a year instead of weeks. Working full time in the armed forces with a 4yr old and 2yr old boys, my hobby time is very limited. Printing allowed me to do other things while printing like spending time with family, at work, or painting other projects. Buying a resin kit would have the same time saving effect but would have cost well over $100USD.

Of course I had to get out some models to see how it would look.

Friday, June 21, 2019

WW2 Normandy

So I recently bought a large lot of unpainted WW2 US Infantry and armor by Warlord Games from a local gamer. I had been thinking of finally branching into WW2 and since this was a supper good deal it seemed like the right time. I'll share photos of the army later but needless to say I have already dedicated some print time to the period. I printed up two Panzer IVs, a bunch of cobblestone roads, and these two houses for Normandy. So far the houses are the only ones finished so thats all I'm showing first. They and several others can be found on Thingivers by searching "Normandy House".

Ok here is the lot after all. I have a load of painting ahead of me. 

Middle East Compounds

So while I have been quiet on here I have been very busy with my hobby, mostly with 3D printing. Using a mix of Game Craft Minis 20mm buildings and walls, 3D printed "desert houses" from Thingivers, and bits from S&S Miniatures I have built 4 compounds. I have a few more to print and a bunch of ruined ones to paint.

Here they all are as WIP

Compound 1

Oh yeah I also printed up a bunch of low walls.

Compound 2

Compound 3

Compound 4