Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pro-Russian Separatists

Finished up a large batch of Pro-Russian Separatists in Russian style GorTex. This almost doubles the total number of infantry for the Separatist side. These are all from my favorite 20mm store Elhiem Miniatures. These suites have been seen regularly in the conflict in Ukraine so I painted the vests in the Russian style and their weapons to resemble more modern equipment. This is to simulate the "sponsorship" these guys are receiving.
 22 infantry in all added.

 2 with under-slung grenade launchers.

 2 with LMGs

 6 More RPGs.

 5 with SMGs

 4 with normal Assault Rifles

 These 3 I painted as distinguishable characters.

BattleTeach Alpha Strike 2nd Lance

I have finished my 2nd Battle Lance. This one I painted in a Martien inspired cammo pattern. I plan on painting up two separate factions. They will be rival members of the same Minor House which is facing a succession conflict and all located in the same Solar System. This faction is from a Mars like desert world. While void of most native life it is extremely rich mineral deposits and has a large amount of financial power. The other faction is based on a planet rich in plant and animal life and the House's ancestral seat and has great political power.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Ukraine Conflict Armor

I just finished up the first batch of vehicles for my 20mm Ukraine Conflict collection. I have a T-72 and T-80 tanks, 2 BTR-80s, and a technical. I did not add any faction indicators so that they could be used by both sides.



BTR-80 #1

BTR-80 #2

 Here is the home made technical.

How it started.