Wednesday, January 1, 2020

28mm Frigate

So I have added the Frigate from Printable Scenery to my completed fleet. Now starts work on their Sloop.

Here is the picture I used for my painting inspiration.

In all her glory.

Only thing left I'll add are some furled sails where their are currently none. 

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Blood & Plunder Campaign games 1 & 2

Got my first two games of our groups Blood & Plunder campaign in today. Did not go very well for me but had a blast anyway. Took some photos so will provide a small narrative write-up.

  Captain James Francis had not had an illustrious career, in fact many would call uneventful. Eventually reaching the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy after many years of under performance, missed opportunities, and failures. Though his length of service had finally rewarded him the rank of Captain, his years of poor performance landed him in an undesirable roll of policing the colonial waters. After arriving in Barbados, Francis was dismayed to find that no ship had been requisitioned for his mission. Additionally, the crew he was meant to command was a mix of ex- Royal Navy seamen and local sailors. Ignoring his complaints, the local Governor ordered Francis to immediately get to work securing the waters around the island. All the Governor could offer was to assign a young local officer named John Thomas to Francis as his first mate. Reluctantly Francis gathered his motley crew and, paying out of pocket, requisitioned two small boats to sail around the island.
Francis though his luck might be starting to change when they intercepted two small boats belonging to a well known (if not notorious) pirate group, currently under the command of Scaly Wag McDuffy. Confident even his motley crew of sailors and local militia could handle the pirates, Captain Francis gave the order to attack.

 To his dismay, the seasoned fighters Scaly Wag McDuffy where more than a match for his motley crew. McDuffy's men's accurate fire laid waist to the crew aboard Captain Francis' boat. He soon found himself fighting boarders as the unwashed masses came poring over the rail. Though fighting bravely, Captain Frances was soon brought down by then enemy captain and his boat lost.
Suddenly finding himself in command of what rained, John Thomas was quick to act. Under a hail of bullets, he personally chopped the ropes away when his boat's rigging became tangle with an enemies. In an effort to preserve what force remained, Thomas ordered a tactical retreat. Nearly to freedom, a well placed shot from one of McDuffy's swivel guns wounded Thomas and he went down. He owes his life to the men of his boat who spirited him away to safety.

No sooner had, now Captain, John Thomas returning to port then word of Captain Silviche De Burrito's movements been reported. Silviche was a notorious Spanish militia leader who had been a thorn in the Governor's side ever since the English and seized Barbados. The merciless Governor demanded the wounded Captain Thomas take his depleted force and intercept Silviche, with orders that no Spaniard should set foot on English soil. To this end the Governor reluctantly sent along a unit of Royal Marines.
For once luck was on Thomas side as they where able to reach the area before Silviche's forces had landed. However, once the battle had commenced, Thomas found himself out flanked. One of Silviche's units had emerged out of the jungle on their left. With casualties mounting and his men's moral wavering, Thomas determined not to make the same mistake as his predecessor. He quickly ordered a tactical retreat and managed to save most his force. Better to live and fight another day.   

Friday, November 22, 2019

28mm Brigantine Pirate Hunter

It has been a while since I posted on here but now that I have it finished, I present the pirate hunter HMS Thomas, commanded by Captain Lewis Wyndehurst. Commissioned by His Majesty to track down and eliminate the scurvy dogs plaguing the colonial waters. 3D printed, files from Printable Scenery. For use in Blood & Plunder.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

FIW Club Game

Game Narrative: Saturday, September 28th, 1758
A large force of French Soldiers, Canadian Frontiers Men, and their Indian Allies have been raiding deep into the Pennsylvania Frontier. They have already sacked and burned several homesteads and are believed to be heading for the small farming community of West Vernon. The call for help has been sent out but so far only a small force of local provincials with a unit of British Regulars arrived on Friday and set up camp. They assured the residents that the rest of the regional force would arrive sometime today. The question is, will they arrive in time?
French Forces:
-Indian Chief
- 3 units of 6 Indians
- Canadian Officer
- 3 units of 6 Frontiersmen
- French Officer
- 2 units of 9 marines
British Forces:
- British Officer
- 1 unit of 12 British Regulars
- 2 Provincials Officer
- 4 units of 12 Provincial Infantry

The British Regulars deployed in the center of the settlement with 1 unit of Provincials on their left.

The French line had the Frontiersmen deployed on the left with Marines in the center and Indians on the Right. 

 Sensing their right flank being exposed the Regulars shifted to their right to protect that flank. They took up a firing line position behind a fence.

The French and their allies advanced through the cover of the forest

When they drew too close, a unit of Marines fell to a withering volley of fire from the Regulars.

On the other flank the Indians got shots with their hunting rifles into the Provincials who took some casualties and where forced to fallback.
The Indians then took advantage of this and advanced quickly on the nearest house and set it alight. The surviving unit of Marines also tried to press the advantage and rush the next house down the line.
 However the Provincials found their aim and started picking off the Marines and slowing their progress.

 Eventually the Marines reached the building and got to work setting it alight.

However, with one final volley, the Provincials slew the last of the Marines. Only their officer was left. He bravely rushed the building and managed to finish setting it alight. Meanwhile the Indians had taken advantage of their distraction and charged into the few remaining Provincials. After a fierce and bloody melee the Indians where left standing

Furious with the loss of his men. the Provincial officer charged around the burning house and slew the Marine officer with his saber. Meanwhile his other unit of Provincials had finally arrived and their massed volley fire drove the Indians back.

At the other end, the Frontiersmen could barely step foot from the woods without falling to a hail of bullets from both the Regulars and a unit of Provincials that had arrived.

 With most of their force destroyed or fleeing the remaining French and their Allies decided to retreat.

Once in the safety of the woods, the remaining French force was able to get away. Both units of Marines had be killed or routed, including 1 unit of Frontiersmen and 1 unit of Indians. The remaining Indians and Frontiersmen had all suffered casualties. They also lost 1 officer.
One unit of Provincials had been slain to a man. Their only other casualty was a Provincial officer who had tried to pursue the Frontiersmen into the forest. Unfortunately for him, the prey turned and shot him from his horse.
In the end, half the settlement had been burned. Though they only managed to save half, the British force had taken relatively light casualties and in turn devastated the French raiding party. A minor victory for the English Crown.