Sunday, February 10, 2019

Paleo Diet, Eat or be Eaten AAR

I ran 2 games of Paleo Diet Eat or be Eaten for the club this weekend. 

Game 1, Challenge of the Egg
Two hunting parties where trying to steal the eggs from the Giant Terror Bird and return them to the chief (off table) in order to prove their group was the best. My rival Matt and I each had a group of 3 hunters and came in from opposite table edges. Right away my clumsy hunters drew the attention of 2 of the Birds giving Matt the opportunity to approach unnoticed.  One of my hunters was gruesomely killed and devoured by one of the giant carnivorous birds. However his death kept 2 of them distracted and left the nest guarded by one Bird. My 2 remaining hunters and all 3 of Matt's closed in and the remaining Bird became overwhelmed. It did manage to wound another one of my hunters and one of Matt's but we both managed to grab and egg. Handing the eggs of between members of our parties like a football, I managed to get my egg off the table just before Matt did. Though i presented my egg to the chief first, I was missing a member of my party and the other was limping badly. Matt presented his egg just after with all members of his party and only one injured. Left the chief a tough call to make on who was the best.

Game 2: Race against the Sun
In the second game our two hunting parties where working together. Our goal was to harvest enough meat (12 Bulk) to feed the village before sunset (6 rounds) and it would be too dark to hunt. Our hunting ground was a long clearing with a group of 8 Antelopes (heard grazers, 2 Bulk ea) in the middle and a Mastodon (large grazers, 4 Bulk ea) at either end. Also at one end was the Giant Terror Bird nest (apex predator, 3 Bulk ea) and a Saber-tooth Tiger (apex predator, 3 Bulk ea) at the opposite end, resting on a hill. This meant we had to choose between the smaller, skittish game in the center or the bigger prizes at the ends near predators. We opted to go for the Antelope and set up on either long adage so we'd be able to drive them into each other. I got into position and Matt started driving them my way. This ended up working a little too well and one of my hunters got trampled by the stampeding game and got injured. I was then able to drop a couple causing the rest to flee back towards Matt's waiting hunters. He did the same but this time my hunters where able to jump aside as the stampeding beast came by. However, one of the males did try and fight back just before it was slain and another one of my hunters took an injury. In the end we were able to get the last kill needed just at the end of round 5 and we returned to the village triumphant, if not a little bloodied. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Georgia Provincials

Added the new basing material to these 25 provincials I painted up a couple of years back.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Virgina Provincials

Finally finished my 26 Virgina Provincials for FIW games. This brings my total number of completed models for Muskets and Tomahawks to 59. Unfortunately all but 8 of those are British forces so I need to start on some French before I can get a game in.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Family Diorama

I finally finished the diorama of my Great Great Grandfather in time to give it to my father on Christmas. Grandfather was part of the Powhatan Artillery from Powhatan VA. commanded by Capt Dance. Their unit was stationed in the defenses around Richmond when Union force nearly overran his battery, if not for the timely arrival of a Tennessee unit. In the fighting my Grandfather lost his arm and his brother. In memory of their sacrifice I wanted to capture the battle in a diorama and give it to my father as a gift. It was my first diorama I have ever made. In the center are two costume made miniatures of my ancestors by a sculptor in Russia. As an exact account of the battle is not available I took some cinematic liberties. We do come up pone a letter written by another soldier who was at the battle and I have used it as a guide.

First up is the letter about the battle.

Next here are some of the Work In Progress pictures.

And finally the finished product: