Sunday, March 13, 2022

Father & Son gaming

Saturday Thomas and I spent some quality time together and I took him to his first wargaming tournament. We played three games of the WW2 game Bolt Action. I let him make all the decisions and roll the dice while I made suggestions and kept everything within the rules. We both had a great time and he won an army pack for being the youngest player. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118


Schutzmannschaft Battalion 118

For the upcoming 750pt Combat Patrol, Bolt Action Tournament I have painted up a force of using the German Anti-Partisan Eastern Front list. They will represent a platoon from the Schuzmannschaft Battalion 118 which was a Schutzmannschaft auxiliary police battalion (Schuma). The core of the Schutzmannschaft battalion 118 consisted of Ukrainian nationalists from Bukovina in Western Ukraine. While an auxiliary police force would most likely never be equipped with SdKfz 222 armored cars or 251/1 half-tracks, I figured for the purposes of a propaganda film they might temporarily be. As such I have included a videographer to film Battalion 118 in action to show how well equipped even the auxiliary police are and that the Communists Partisans have no chance. 
Additionally I build a 2x2 display board specifically for this Tournament and modeled it to look like it could be anywhere in the Ukraine countryside.

Platoon Roster:
   -Second Lieutenant + 1 infantry
1st Infantry Squad
   -NCO w/ submachine gun
   -6 infantry w/ rifles
   -1 infantry w/ light machine gun
2nd Infantry Squad
   -NCO w/ submachine gun
   -5 infantry w/ rifles
   -1 infantry w/ light machine gun
3rd Infantry Squad
   -NCO w/ submachine gun
   -5 infantry w/ rifles
   -1 infantry w/ light machine gun
1 SdKfz 222 Light Armroured Car
3x SdKfz 251/1 half-tracks
1 Kubelwagen

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Display Board pt5

 All the flocking is dry and complete and I have set up all the initial terrain I plan to use for the display. I'm still waiting on the water effects to arrive so I can add some in the ruts. I also need to add some glue to the thatched roof to get it to lay down. Initially I'll use it to display my Bolt Action German force in a tournament next month. I'm hoping to win best themed. I have left the buildings and other terrain elements removable so that I can customize it for skirmish games. Replacing the buildings with some half timber framed Saxon ones would make it work perfect for a skirmish battle. Could use it with Fistful of Lead rules Might and Melee set in early to mid medieval. I could put trees over the area were the log piles are to make the edge of a forest and run an ambush scenario. 

Overall I am very happy with this. I learned a good deal and think I could make more tiles that go together. I didnt make this specific one with that though in mind so it might be hard to integrate it into others but it served as a good proof of concept. 

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Display Board pt4

Today I got the flocking done on my display/skirmish board. I used Army Painter flock and Huge Miniatures static grass and flowers. Glue is still drying in these photos so you can see it a bit through the flock. Next I'll add some water effects in the ruts. I decided not to flock the smaller fenced area so it could be used for live stock while the larger one will be a garden.


Sunday, February 6, 2022

Display Board pt3

 For the texture I added sand over the entire board though I used a coarser grit for the "wild" areas and a fine grit for the road and yards. I imagine the difference being the pulverized sediment from traffic, both foot and vehicle. 

Once the glue had dried I painted over all of it using  craft smart Brown. Then a heavy dry brush of Golden Brown. I went back over the fine grit areas with a final dry brush of Khaki for a more exposed and dry look. 

Next will come the flocking.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Display Board pt2

Next I took a sheet of 1/2 inch foam and cut it to cover everything except the roads, houses, and yards. Then I beveled the edges with my dremel and sanding tool. I wanted the roads to have a sunken and warn look. The house will be left removable for transport, storage, and use in other setups. 
Next I glued on the 3d printed fences where I wanted them to go.