Sunday, May 13, 2018

Bolt Action Modern Game

So I started a Historical Wargaming Club at my new base to share this great hobby. There are a few people that play Warhammer 40k and fantasy as well as Star Wars X-Wing (good game) but I want to open them up to historical games. Here are some pictures of out first monthly club game. I put on a Bolt Action Modern game of US army infantry clearing an Afghan hamlet used as a Taliban stagging ground. I don't have my normal play by play, just a collection of some photos.

The Taliban had 8 Cells consisting of 6 men; each had 4 men armed with AK47/AKMs, 1 with a RPG, and 1 with an LMG. They also had a HMG team and a Mortar team.

The US Army consisted of 4 fire-teams of 4 men armed with 3 AR15/M16s (1 w/ Under-slung Grenade Launcher), and a SAW LMG. They where supported my a Sniper team, HMG team, Light Mortar team, and Javelin AT team.

 Pre-deployment. The US started in the bottom right corner and had to cross into the hamlet and clear 5 hotspots where insurgents where entering the area from.
 Civilians added the risk of suicide bombers as well as risk of civilian casualties. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Ice Age Animals

Finished a bunch of Ice Age animals for the rules Paleo Diet: eat or be eaten (available on amazon).
I chose creatures that where native to North America because thats where I live.

First is the Brontotherium (Greek for "thunder beast"), About 16 feet long and three tons.

Next is a pair of Mastodons. The North American Mastodons where a bit smaller then the Woolly Mammoth most of us are familiar with.  Visually they they look more like a reasonable size target for a small group of hunters. 

I also did a heard of North American Pronghorn which is a very unique species isolated to NA. While its historical range might not overlap with some of the above they still make a good addition. They look good on the table and offer some less threatening game for my hunters.
Finally I added a pack of wolfs to be used as wild encounters or as companions to the hunters. Of the five I did three in gray and one wight and one black for an alpha pair.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

1/72 scale HH-60 Blackhawks

I may have been away from the blog a bit but I have not been idle. I have completed a number of small projects and started many more.
First I will share the 2 diecast Blackhawks I repainted for 20mm modern games.
It is also my first attempt at painting windows and while I still need practice I am happy with my first attempt. Also the stands are temporary as I have a magnetic extending rod mount on order.

You can also see a few new 20mm American I'm working on in this shot.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Where was I in 2017. Plans for 2018.

So I was largely absent from this blog for most of 2017. We had a lot of stuff happen in 2017 that took time away from my hobbies.
Jan-Feb we went on a trip to the Philippines to visit family for about a month.
Mar-Apr we moved from Missouri to North Carolina and bought out first house.
Sep our second son was born.
Oct-Nov I was at a leadership course in order to promote, and had my in-laws visit for a month.
So been busy.
For 2018 I want to get back focused on this great hobby. There is a good bit of interests amongst my co-workers and I have started a Historical Wargamers Club though the base.

Thats not to say I was totally absent from the hobby as I did get a few games in of Bolt Action and WW1/2 Wings of War/Glory. I had also started on a large modular dungeon terrain set using Hirst Arts molds but it has been shelved for time being.

I have started work on a 4x6 mat for wings of war/glory.


 I reorganized my hobby room though the temp inside it limits work time even with a little space heater.

My wife got me a nice little display case for Christmas. There is a Plexiglas front but could not take a photo through it due to glare. But now I can proudly display a sample from all my historical collections.

I have also gotten back into D&D and started my own campaign with guys from work. Its inspired by the computer game Darkest Dungeon and is set in a custom made area in the Forgotten Realms. Below is a map of the area my players with spend all their time in.

Marry Christmas and Happy New Year from me and my Family!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Rouge Star: Star Cops

Painted up a small unit for Rouge Star recently. Used my old Tau that I had gotten when I thought about getting into 40k. I think they painted up nicely as Star Cops. They might be the last minis I paint before we move to North Carolina at the end of March.

Friday, September 30, 2016

More Frostgrave

Finished a whole bunch of Frostgrave minis.

Here are three new constructs, a large, medium, and small

6 new armored skeletons


Giant Spiders

Frost Wraith

Small or medium demon, depending if I use the new big one I got

And a wild dog.

Here is the lot of them

New treasure markers

 My wife said she wanted to learn to play so I had her build a warband then pick out models she liked for each soldier, wizard, and apprentice. She then picked a paint scheme and I went to town. She was very happy with the end product.

Here are the wizard and apprentice both elementalists. Wizards name is Ezra and apprentice is Ommaya

 Her Captain, yet to be named.

Archers. The canine is based of our dog and the cat is based off of Panther Lilly from the anime Fairy Tail.

And two infantrymen