Sunday, September 8, 2013

Chance meeting on the front.

So have not posted in a while. Been taking a bit of a brake from tabletop gaming. Did play a WWI game with the club last weekend using the Contemptible Little Armies rules that was loads of fun.
The game was a chance meeting between British Expeditionary troops and a German force. We modified the rules a bit from the last time we played by doubling the ranges of all weapons. It made the game much more bloody and shooting more satisfying.
The table was set up with a small farming community in the center surrounded by fields. Each side deployed along the long table edge. Each side had 3 players and each player commanded 3 units of 8 infantry and 1 support weapon.

British Deployment

 German Deployment

 First German advance
 British first advance. 

 Germans reach the village first and start taking up positions along a stone wall.
 The British move in under fire
 The British right flank squaring off with their German counterparts.
 A fierce round of shooting has each sides taking casualties but the Germans coming out on top.
 A German unit tries for a daring charge but get cut down before crossing bayonets.
 Another British unit moves in to support.

 A British unit tries to charge a unit of Germans held up in a ruined church.

 The Germans at the ruined church prevail and start flanking the British position.

 British troops move through the ruined town to try and flank the Germans but are stalled by a well placed Machinegun.

After a couple hours a few of the lads had to leave. The Germans where on the verge of securing the right half of the table right after the British had taken the left. The game still could have gone either way but the Germans had more unites still on the table when we called it a day.