Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Terrain

Over the last 2 weeks I have completed 2 terrain projects. Both where firsts using techniques I have never tried before.

The first is a Dark Ages style house:

The thatch is simple strips of towel that I glued to the roof (foam board) and then took a glue watter mix and brushed on heavily to get the fibers slopping down. When it dries it hardens nicely and can be painted easily.

Next I finished my first real attempt at a watter feature. A small marsh.

I took a piece of balsa wood and pored thick areas of elmers glue to act as the raised terrain. then when dried I spread more glue on top of the land bits and covered with sand for texture. Next was painting  and then the watter which is from Scene Arama. Last I added flock and plants.

I am extremely happy with the finished results of both pieces and have another house almost done and about a 3rd of the way done on a river system so keep an eye out for pics of both when done.

If their is any interest I can do a tutorial on both.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Current Project

So I know I hardly post anymore but I'm still working away on some projects.

Recently finished a dark age house and about a 3rd of the way done on the second. Here is the completed one:
First 3 photos I accidentally had the roof sitting to far back, last two is how its suppose to sit.

 The reason I am putting together some buildings is I am also working on another SAGA war band and this time it is the Anglo-Saxons, a good match for my Normans.
I'm going to start with 4pts of warriors. Bellow are 3pts of warriors (4th is on back order) along with my warlord assembled but unpainted.