Sunday, March 16, 2014


Sorry all that this is so late. Been busy with different things and really slacking on my updates. Our mid February game was a Battle of Rorke's Drift. We had one figure for ever two British Soldiers historically at the battle and a massive number of Zulus. The Buildings where hand made by Gareth and looked stunning. The fallowing photos are in the order of game play so wont include much commentary.

Zulu Hord

British Units

Rorke's Drift 

British units deployed

The Zulu hord appears

Zulus charge the perimeter.
 Cooky handing out ammunition

More Zulus swinging around the flank

Fierce fighting over the barriers.

Zulus sneaking around a building

Men are moved to where the fighting is toughest.

Zulus surprise the few defenders on the flank

The rest of the Zulu hord appears.

The men are pulled back from mele to give fire.

Charging Zulus

Hospital is in danger.

Hospital set alight.

Surrounded on all sides my a sea of chanting Zulu.

Brave men waiting for the hord to charge.

Zulu close the gap into the face of British rifles.

The order is given "spit boy spit" and men fall back to the Rubout.

The brave soldiers make a last stand with bullets, bayonets, and guts.