Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Contest Winners!

Thats it Ladies and Gentlemen, the Contest is at an end and a winner has been decided.

The two, lucky, individuals who will be receiving a Limited Edition Salute 2013 Figure
 (photo from the Salute Official Show Guide)

are non other the.............

'Painter Jim'


'Wargame News and Terrain Blog'

The two individuals have been sent emails notifying them of their victory. I the event I should not hear from them by Monday the 6th I will select two new winners from the remaining list.
I have asked them to send me photos of the figures once completed, since both asked for unpainted ones, so that I can share their work with you all.

In case you all where wandering how I selected the winners I'll show you. At first I was going to draw the names at random from something, say a hat, but decided it would be more appropriate to leave it to the dice. As is the norm with our chosen hobby, the dice are either our savor or executioner from game to game.

We had 11 entries into the contest and so I wrote out the names and numbered them 1-12, 12 being a re-roll. Then I just tossed the dice and let fate decide.

I thank everyone for participating and I'm sorry the dice did not roll in your favor.

I consider this a successful endeavor and plan to have more contests in the future, perhaps at every 1000 views mile stone.

As a final disclaimer I know no one who entered and used a system that ruled out favoritism.

Friday, April 26, 2013

4000 Blog Views Givaway!

Hello All!
Today Wyndehurst Productions has surpassed 4,000 blog views in under 4 months. Compared to other blogs this might not be much but to me it is very satisfying as it means people enjoy the content I provide.

The Contest!

To celebrate the occasion I will be giving away two Limited Edition Salute 2013 28mm figures.
 They are unopened and unpainted. Each pack allows for two different variants, which you can see below.

What you get

The two individuals who win one of these figures will have the option of either receiving it "as is" or can choose one of the variants and I will assemble and paint it for them. If the winner should choose to have me painted we can coordinate on a paint schema if you have an army you would like it to go with.

How to enter

To enter you simply need to comment on this blog post saying which variant you would like (Shield or Dragon Head). On May 1st I will take the names of everyone who entered and draw two at random. I will post on the blog the winner and contact them. Only one entry per person.


I will pay to have the figures shipped to the winner world wide after the winners provide me a shipping address.

Good Luck To All.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Muskets & Tomahawks

Hello everyone.
So a few weeks back I had an AAR from a French & Indian War game using the rules Muskets & Tomahawks by Studio Tomahawks (odd name). I really enjoyed the game and decided I would get a unit to contribute to future club games. At Salute this past weekend I purchased the Muskets & Tomahawks rule book and a unit of 8 Militia.

The rules are card driven where each Unit Type for each nation has one or more cards in the deck that give them one or more actions (actions being move, shoot, reload). While I am not particularly fond of card driven games I found that the system work adequately for the time period as well as led to an entertaining game. You might find you have a unit in a perfect position but not have its card drawn until near the end of the game after the enemy has either moved or driven your unit off. While that could be frustrating, when playing with friends it leads to much humor and adds a level of suspense.
A nice feature throughout the book are optional rules that can change the style of play. I really liked this as it allows for greater variety in your play. One such "optional rule" involved each player drawing 3 cards from the deck and then taking turns playing them. This could allow you to force an opponent to act before you so that you could plan or hold back until your ready. Another "optional rule" let you place Units on Vigilance which would allow them to react once to an enemy unit without your units card being drawn.
 Another feature of the rules that I think every rule book should have (and most do) is a good Quick Reference Sheet that is easy to fallow.
The rules also allow for Characters in the forum of Officers that can add greater depth and entertainment to a game.
Overall I really like the rules set and highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in this time period.

The unit I got for the game consist of 8 Canadian Militia known as Coureuts des Bois which where Canadian fur traders who joined the French to protect their homes and business.
I have another unit in the mail and when they arrive the figure in the front rank with the tri-corner hat will become my officer. I will add photos of each individual figure once I fix my camera.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Salute 2013

Lots of awesome looking games going on at Salute 2013. Did not participate in any but got lots of good photos. Wife had a good time and now wants to learn to play. Also got some stuff while I was there: Muskets & Tomahawks rule book and cards; Army Painter Quickshade and Matt Varnish (was out); Unit of Wilderness Men for Muskets and Tomahawks; loads of infantry and cavalry bases (expect to see some of both soon); WWI Russian HMG team; Figure Comfort transport box with 4 foam trays.

Now the photos:

I have more photos but having problems with the camera again so will upload when fixed.