Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Contest Winners!

Thats it Ladies and Gentlemen, the Contest is at an end and a winner has been decided.

The two, lucky, individuals who will be receiving a Limited Edition Salute 2013 Figure
 (photo from the Salute Official Show Guide)

are non other the.............

'Painter Jim'


'Wargame News and Terrain Blog'

The two individuals have been sent emails notifying them of their victory. I the event I should not hear from them by Monday the 6th I will select two new winners from the remaining list.
I have asked them to send me photos of the figures once completed, since both asked for unpainted ones, so that I can share their work with you all.

In case you all where wandering how I selected the winners I'll show you. At first I was going to draw the names at random from something, say a hat, but decided it would be more appropriate to leave it to the dice. As is the norm with our chosen hobby, the dice are either our savor or executioner from game to game.

We had 11 entries into the contest and so I wrote out the names and numbered them 1-12, 12 being a re-roll. Then I just tossed the dice and let fate decide.

I thank everyone for participating and I'm sorry the dice did not roll in your favor.

I consider this a successful endeavor and plan to have more contests in the future, perhaps at every 1000 views mile stone.

As a final disclaimer I know no one who entered and used a system that ruled out favoritism.


Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Thanks for organizing this great blog event and I'm surely happy that i have won, I have answered the email and I'm looking forward in receiving the excellent miniature.


Þorsteinn á Heiðini said...

Congrats to the winners and thank you for putting this on. Always fun to have little contests like this.

racm32 said...

Thank you gentlemen. I am still waiting to hear back from Painter Jim so if no word by Monday I'll select another winner.

Anonymous said...

I am the other greatful winner, A big thank you to Robert for the opportunity to get my hands on a Salute only release figure, is in my opinion a happy day. Obtaining a Salute figure , bieng from the states and all, would have most likely never have happened if not for Roberts give away and he is even shipping the figure, top notch in my book. Hopefuly this sentiment will spread, I am pondering on doing a give away as well.The model will definately be very worthy of some fresh paint.

A greatful winner,