Friday, April 26, 2013

4000 Blog Views Givaway!

Hello All!
Today Wyndehurst Productions has surpassed 4,000 blog views in under 4 months. Compared to other blogs this might not be much but to me it is very satisfying as it means people enjoy the content I provide.

The Contest!

To celebrate the occasion I will be giving away two Limited Edition Salute 2013 28mm figures.
 They are unopened and unpainted. Each pack allows for two different variants, which you can see below.

What you get

The two individuals who win one of these figures will have the option of either receiving it "as is" or can choose one of the variants and I will assemble and paint it for them. If the winner should choose to have me painted we can coordinate on a paint schema if you have an army you would like it to go with.

How to enter

To enter you simply need to comment on this blog post saying which variant you would like (Shield or Dragon Head). On May 1st I will take the names of everyone who entered and draw two at random. I will post on the blog the winner and contact them. Only one entry per person.


I will pay to have the figures shipped to the winner world wide after the winners provide me a shipping address.

Good Luck To All.


David said...

Very generous - I would take a painted one with shield If I were luck enough to win

gnomehome said...

Indeed a very kind offer - if I were to win, I'd take an 'as is' as I like to paint things myself.

Þorsteinn á Heiðini said...

Lovely idea! If I were to win I would prefer the one with the shield unpainted.

Brinton said...

As is if I'm lucky enough to win

ADB said...

Never made it to Salute but if I am the one, could I go for the dragon head?

Thanks for the nice offer :-)

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

I'm in would be great as I'm just embarking upon a greek mythological project!


Anonymous said...

Know, this would be something to talk about, how it was aquired that is. Shield non-painted.

Wally Harwood said...

Great idea and very kind of you. I'd prefer the shield myself.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Forgot to mention in my previous comment, I would want an unpainted one so I can match it with an upcoming project.


Model Dads said...

Very good of you! Shield please if the Gods smile upon me.

Poiter50 said...

Painted with Dragon's head looks nice. BTW, nice blog.

gmanrocks said...

Wow, Stunning miniatures! If i was lucky enough to win, I;d choose "as is"

racm32 said...

Thank you everyone who has entered so far. Drawing will be Wed morning May 1st, will have the results up by 12 noon (UTC).