Friday, September 30, 2016

More Frostgrave

Finished a whole bunch of Frostgrave minis.

Here are three new constructs, a large, medium, and small

6 new armored skeletons


Giant Spiders

Frost Wraith

Small or medium demon, depending if I use the new big one I got

And a wild dog.

Here is the lot of them

New treasure markers

 My wife said she wanted to learn to play so I had her build a warband then pick out models she liked for each soldier, wizard, and apprentice. She then picked a paint scheme and I went to town. She was very happy with the end product.

Here are the wizard and apprentice both elementalists. Wizards name is Ezra and apprentice is Ommaya

 Her Captain, yet to be named.

Archers. The canine is based of our dog and the cat is based off of Panther Lilly from the anime Fairy Tail.

And two infantrymen

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