Sunday, July 7, 2013


So after the first game only took 2 hours to play we diced to play a second. I took what I learned from the first game and adapted a new strategy.
The unit was the same for both sides as in game 1 with the exception of the Normans merging all their Foot Knights into 1 unit of 12.

 Saxons start out a bit more spread out this time and went with a general advance.
 This time I put a unit of Foot Sergeants on the left flank with a unit of  Mounted Sergeants.
 On my right flank I put my Archers in front of my Mounted Knights, holding them back to use with the Norman Gallop ability.
 The Saxon archer advance into the field.
 On my right a unit of Saxon Ealdormen, Thegns, and spear armed Ceorls advance.
 On my left 2 units of Saxon Thegns advance.
 The Saxon archer, Warlord, and his Ealdormen advance down the center.

 I pushed my mounted Sergeants along the far left.
 I swing my archers around to fire at the advancing Saxons but a mistake in my planning meant I was out of range. Waist dice.
 Mounted Sergeants ready to charge.
 In the center I had moved my foot Sergeants into cover along the wall, though they had already started taking casualties from the Saxon archers.
 Also moved my unit of Foot Knights up the center.
 The Saxons threw themselves against my Sergeants but where beaten back.
 My mounted Knights charged into the Saxons on the hill and nearly whipped them out.

 Another charge in the center forced my Sergeants to fall back.
 A failed counter charge from a Saxon unit left my with only 2 mounted Knights.

 The Saxon Warlord and Ealdormen moved into the center of the farm so I charged them with my unit of 12 foot Knights. The Ealdormen fell to my spears and swords and a second charge cut down the Saxon Warlord.

The Normans played much better this game. Once I had a better feeling for their abilities I was able to get some powerful combos in that devastated the enemy.

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