Tuesday, January 22, 2013


   So I have been reading through a series called Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, whose site you can find here. The series is set in a steampunk WWI. The nations that make up the axis powers are called 'Clankers' because their whole society revolves around the use of elaborate steam powered machines. The allied nations are called 'Darwinists' because through Darwin they have learned to alter the 'life strands' (their term for DNA) of plants and animals to evolve them into tools.

   I found this world fascinating and a new take on the steampunk genre. I decided to develop some gaming rules that would allow gaming in this world. Using rules from Contemptible Little Armies (CLA) by Christ Peers and Valor & Steel & Flesh (VSF) by Robert Charrette as my frame work and modifying them to suit this time period. CLA offers great rules for the WWI era which the books take place in but as in history the rules lack much in the way of vehicles, thats where VSF comes in since its a rules set for Victorian Science Fiction.

Once I'm done I will put the rules on here as a free PDF download.

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Dan Otten said...

Hello, my good chap!

I actually didn't know that WWI-era steampunk existed.

Thank you so much for correcting that misimpression, and thank you double for your introduction to my new favorite sub-subgenre!