Thursday, January 31, 2013


reached 1000 views today! First time a blog I have done has gotten that many. As a treat hear are some pictures of some of my projects under way.

First off is my WWI German HMG WIP
I'm starting to dabble a bit in basing units with terrain. I normally avoid this as I think aesthetically it can clash once on the table.
Next is my WWI German Artillery and crew WIP.
I will be re-basing my Russian artillery piece as well as I proffer the round base for such models. 

Lastly here is a piece I am working on exclusively for my WWI Steampunk game based on the Leviathan book series (you can read about it here). Also the picture I'm using as the inspiration.

Hope to get some more lead painted this weekend and will post pictures. I will also be attending a local gaming club (Link) this coming Sunday for the first time and hope to have lots of pictures of our games.

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