Friday, May 29, 2015

Ukraine Rebels/Pro-Russian Separatists

Finished most of the infantry for my Ukraine rebel group which could also be used as generic Eastern European Rebels.

First a few photos that I used as a reference.


Now for the minis. I have 25 in total divided into 5 teams of 5, one of which is the command element:

RPG, LMG, DMR, 2 AK-47
 RPG, LMG, DMR, 2 AK-47
2 x LMG, 3 x AK-47 
 RPG, LMG, DMR, 2 AK-47

The below one is the command team, 2 equipped with radios (one has binoculars), 2 medics, and commander.

Also have a DishKah

Here are some close up shots:

And WIP:

AT team

Grenada Launcher

 Drone to be use my either side as objective marker

 Possible 4 man US Special Forces team.

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private w. said...

Really nice job on those Liberation figures!!