Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I have finished my two 28/25mm ships finely. Both are from Old Glory.

First one is my British Frigate M.H.S. Wyndehurst, or H.M.S Thomas, still have not decided which I like better. Wyndehurst being the name of my ancestral family farm and Thomas the name of my Father and Son.

The first four are before I decided to add sails, and I'm glad I did.
The model is sold by Old Glory as a French Frigate but based on my research there was little visual difference at the time to the un-trained eye.

 The Pain schema is based off of several photos I pulled up when typing in British Frigate 1812.

 He has Six guns per side though space for 10. I found the deck was much to crowded with a full gun compliment and it seemed like most rules would not support that many. He also has four swivel guns.

My pirate ships is the Old Glory Galley Washington which was a real ship in the American Navy during the War of Independence. As my Pirate Galley she is the ANAMARIA, after my wife. Felt the Spanish sounding name was fitting for a Pirate vessel and she seemed quite happy with the idea.

 She has six guns on each side though space for nine. I only used four Oars as well for simplicity sake.

 She also is equipped with four swivel guns.
Couple of Deck shots:

I have the crews for both primed and ready for paint, just trying to clear some back log first.

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