Tuesday, June 4, 2013

SAGA 4pt Army WIP

So when I started painting my Normans I did not actually have a rules set picked out. I wanted to go with more of a skirmish lvl game so I picked SAGA by Studio Tomahawk who also did Muskets & Tomahawks. After reading through the rules the game looks exactly like what I wanted. So this is my 4pt army I am working on.
1 x Warlord = free
2 x Mounted Heathguard = 2pts
1 x Mounted Warriors = 1pt
1 x Bow armed Levies = 1pt

 8 mounted warriors. None are wearing mail to distinguish them as warriors.
 12 levie archers, still 4 more to paint there in the back.
 4 mounted heathguard in mail, all done
 4 mounted heathguard in mail, only 2 done.
 The Warlord
 These are the Fatigue markers I am working on. I think they will look much better then just a stone, bead, or marker with the letter F on it.

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