Sunday, May 26, 2013

Norman Knights and Sargents

Just finished up a unit of Norman Knights and changed the shields of my Norman Foot Knights (Sargents).

As of right now I only have 6 Knights done which would be a unit in some games or I can just use 4 which would be a unit in SAGA (which is on order). I decided to go with shield transfers from Flags of War through Conquest Games.  All 6 of the Knights are from Conquest Games and I was a little disappointed to find that the shield slide could be a tad small. However this is only noticeable close up and they still look great on the table.
From my research I found that Norman Knights normally fought with lances and would charge then enemy with lances crouched under the arm. During the 1066 Battle of Hastings this tactic was proven ineffective against the Anglo-Saxon's shield wall tactic held over from the Romans. To counter the shield wall the knights would ride passed the enemy, throwing their lances like javelins into the enemy ranks and then engaging them with swords drawn.

I had originally painted my Foot Knights, or Sargents, all with a similar shield design. I decided to change it because I was not happy with the end result and just ordered the shield transfers. I am much happier with how they look now.

All of them together:

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