Thursday, February 21, 2013

Road to Baghdad, FOF

Road To Baghdad is a supplement for Force on Force by Ambush Ally covering the coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003. The book starts off with a overview of the historical events that took place at that time, covering the units that participated as well as descriptions of the sequence of events.
Each time in the historical section that a particular engagement is talked about there is a reference to one of the 19 scenarios that will cover that particular battle.
Each scenario starts off with a brief overview of the setting with an excerpt of the historical outcome. There is a map showing the table layout for the game then a brake down of each sides mission, force structure, and available assets, if any.
The rules explain that during this conflict a large number of the Iraq forces simply surrendered or fled and a large number of objectives where taken with little to no opposition.  The scenarios they provide for those types of encounters give the Iraq forces that would have been likely encountered in taking the objective instead of what was actually their (meaning none).
Their are no new Fog of War cards for this supplement so the original ones from fof are used. However they do provide a list of samples forces during the period so players can develop their own scenarios. 

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