Sunday, February 24, 2013

Brits and Yanks

Just finished painting up mu Elhiem British and US infantry. Might go one and touch them up a bit and not sure if I'm going to use any quick shade yet but otherwise done.
The lot of them:

The 2 British fire teams:

The 2 American fire teams:

For uniforms I chose a reference picture for each. For the US its the Army's newest multi-cam.

And the British:


Ben B. said...

They look good! Especially since they are some of your first 20mm guys. I have never done anything with metal figures, but just ordered some cold war/Afghan stuff from Elhiem so they are a first for me as well! Nice blog btw.

racm32 said...

thank you very much. I'm sure you will enjoy yours when they come in. I was surprised at the detail for such small figures.