Sunday, March 20, 2016

Modular Board done

Finally finished 9 1x1ft tiles for my modular Frost Grave board.
Spent all day during a slow weekend shift to finish them up and I am very happy with them. Could use a few more for variety but I now have enough to do a 3' x 3' table which is what Frost Grave is played on. Now I just need to knock up some ruined buildings and will be all good to go.

Here are some photos of the individual tiles. 

2 T junctions
 1 L turn
 2 road ends
 3 empty paved areas
 1 park with optional fountain 
 Even though Frost Grave is a winter themed game I wanted this to show more of the thawing nature of the city so its dirt with bits of grass coming in.

Here are 2 different layouts just to give an idea of the space available. I plan to FILL it with ruined buildings.

And just a close up for those who are interested.


Yuri Kalinin said...

Very nice terrain!

Anonymous said...

That looks really nice Rob.
A big hello from the mid anglians in the UK, hope you and you family are well;)