Sunday, April 26, 2015

More Buildings

So I have been working on lots of stuff for the Force on Force Ukraine Conflict project. Lots of terrain is needed for FoF so one of my main focus points has been buildings. Most of the ones I have are made from scratch but I have recently finished some model railroad buildings in HO scale which work with 20mm figures. Fallowing is what I have so far:

The first two are houses from Grandt Line Products and are HO scale buildings. They come unpainted in blisters as a set of 3 (3rd one is still WIP). Figure is Elhiem. 

 They are designed so that the roofs can be removable and have floors with a wood pattern.

The next two are made from scratch; cardboard and foam board mostly.

 I have not finished all the rooms but as I am way behind in my projects I am just getting them table ready. rubble is made with Pegasus Hobby Small Grey Bricks from amazon.

 Brick work is done using Wee Scapes Architectural Model Brick Pattern Sheets off amazon.

 This building was a bit of a disappointment. I had hoped it would be like the houses but instead came fully assembled and painted. I am fine with the paint job but had to forcefully remove the roof and and reassemble it in order to make it removable. the model is Walthers Trainline HO Scale United Trucking Building also off amazon (amazing what you can get there).

The best is for last. A scratch built, three store, damaged, apartment building with removable floors. Over all I am very proud of this. Its my first attempt at a large building and for the most part came out as I had hopped. I learned valuable lessons that will help me on later projects.

Other stuff currently on the painting table:
Pro-Russian Rebels and armor for both sides.
A gas station and loads of roads.

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