Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rout 66 'FoF AAR'

For the January club meet a few of us played a game of Force on Force that I put together.
The Scenario:
In Eastern Afghanistan there is a road known my Coalition forces as Rout 66. Security of the road is split between British forces at one end and American force at the other. Between both FOBs is a small farming village from which Coalition forces are frequently ambushed. Today both American and British units will be conducting a joint operation to clear out the village.
Table Setup:
The road runs along one side of the table where the Coalition units deploy. The village is on the opposite table edge with a shallow stream and fields between it and the road. Vehicles cannot cross the stream or the fields.

Americans: had 4x4 man fireteams, 1 HMG team, and 1 stryker.
British: 3x4 man Fireteams, 1x4 man SAS team, 1 Jakel.
Taliban: 3x6 man teams, 1 HMG, 1 Mortar team, + reinforcements (more men, Technical, snipers)

The Taliban started off hidden and waiting to spring their ambush. The Coalition forces need to take out the Taliban HMG and Mortar which have been used to ambush forces moving along the road. The Taliban have a spotter in the small cluster of buildings near the road to call in the Mortar attack. As the Coalition forces started to move towards the village the Taliban HMG opened up on a British Fireteam without effect who then quickly returned fire and silenced it. The Mortar chimed in a wounded one of the British soldiers. When the Taliban teams in the village started to open up the combined fire from the Coalition forces quickly whipped them out. As the Taliban forces came on the Coalition wounded and casualties started to mount and they slowly lost the initiative. The Taliban started to pull out of the village after their Technical got shot up and their casualties where huge. The Coalition where unable to effectively push into the village.

Civilians caused the Coalition forces to be very careful with their fire.

 A Taliban team wiped out to the man by combined Coalition fire.
 British forces moving into cover behind the wall and hedge. 
 Taliban unit check on the crew of the HMG only to find them all dead.
 American infantry pushing around the fields.
 American team taking cover in a small grove of trees.

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Moiterei_1984 said...

Very interesting report! Had a great first game of FoF last week and am totally amazed.