Friday, March 15, 2013

New Afghanistan buildings

New Afghanistan buildings made by GameCraft Miniatures: The components are laser cut from a thin wood and go together very easily though there are no instructions so it can be difficult at times. Price is not bad and once painted up they look very good. Mine are in 20mm though they do sell 28mm.
The big compound

2 story building

Shanty 1 front and back

Shanty 2 front and back

Shanty 3 front and back


Ben B. said...

These are looking great! I had never noticed this company before now, and have never been interested in pre-made terrain.
I say this ten middle eastern buildings later :D
It will be interesting working with these for the first time: I hope to get as good a result as you have.

LittleNicky said...

Looks great. Nice texture on the buildings. I love the Gamecraft range.

Auguste said...

Hi, what did you use to texture the walls ?

racm32 said...

All I did was spread some glue on the wall then sprinkle sand. Once dry I spray painted then dry brushed it.